Being Known

How do you feel about attention, acknowledgement, public recognition? Do you love it when all eyes are on you or do you cringe in the limelight? Are you ok when it’s public adoration but unable to fully receive praise or warmth from a friend or loved one? Do you speak out in difficult situations? Are you willing to take the lead and everything that goes with that role or do you prefer to be in the background? In this month’s blog we look at our on-going subject of Plenty when it comes to Being Known…

Mel takes the Stage

My work has in some ways forced me to be comfortable with being known. I’ve given several press, radio and TV interviews, I’ve led events and projects where any major failure would have been very visible and very humiliating. My work has taken me to the public stage many times and in several countries, often addressing groups of hundreds of people. Leading a group, seminar or addressing a crowd can feel like a huge microscope is focused on you. It’s an arena where being known feels almost unavoidable. Of course that kind of work is not really about you at all – it’s all serving and supporting the people you are in front of, but try telling your fears that as you step up to the stage.

When I’ve taken on a big project I have at times felt the ice-cold of fear run through my veins as my mind tells me I might fail and… “everyone will know”! But it’s impossible to be perfect in life and I have made mistakes in public, that goes with the territory, like the TV interview where I grinned like an idiot all the way through, the event where hardly anyone turned up… just awful. Thankfully there haven’t been many of those moments. But the point is, if I hadn’t even tried, I wouldn’t have gained all that learning, growth, courage and trust in myself.

We avoid ‘Being Known’ because we are AFRAID we won’t measure up and will be rejected or even punished. Even the highly successful amongst us at times put on a practised mask to get through the fear or we avoid the next level of growth to stay in the comfort zone. I still feel that pull to hold back and ‘be safe’ but my Purpose is almost always a stronger pull. Someone once asked me “How do you do that: get up on stage and talk to all these people? Aren’t you afraid?”. My reply was, “Yes! but I love people and making a difference to them is bigger than my fear”. My core purpose is Peace and I really love connecting with people and connecting people with each other. To do that I have to be prepared to be known!

Catherine steps into the Limelight

It is an interesting exercise to reflect on who you are in the community, that is what you believe in (your principles, standards and values) and the way that you espouse these. Equally how comfortable you may be in the limelight.

I have had this ‘knowing’ for really quite a long time that I could capture the hearts of many and inspire a following …. the question was in what exactly… I entered into a detailed exploration in my 30’s, ensuring that I was focused on building a reputation that I was proud of, a calling (or Purpose that Mel refers to it as). I also invested in developing a genuine accompanying confidence to deliver the message that I wanted to be heard. Catherine-Portrait

I have always known that I have to really, really believe in anything I support ; if I don’t others can see and more importantly, I can feel, that something is off kilter, i.e. it just does not have my heart.

So, …. I have the cause, or my Purpose, ‘helping to promote confidence’;
…. I have the communities with whom I work – mostly those who work in Children’s Safeguarding, including Child Protection Services; and of course my work with Women on Purpose ;
…. I have the knowledge and many, many years experience ;
…. I have an ability to be with people, pretty much whatever the circumstances
and I have confidence.

During the Easter break I have been focused on upgrading my on-line profile: I’ve had a photo-shoot with a fabulous woman and made some videos for my website. I relaxed into each session easily, as I was just being myself. This is Catherine Rushforth, the true me. I am talented, confident, attractive and have oodles of energy and enthusiasm …. to not be myself is a pure meanness, as much to those who I passionately care about, as to myself. I have never felt so natural.

Ishreen goes Global and Rocks out

I have moved from being terrified of being asked to stand up and read my essay to the whole class aged 14 – my heart beating fast and my head throbbing with fear so that I could hardly think or breath, to absolutely loving the contribution I can make to people today from the front of the room – tingling with joy at the heartfelt connections I get to make when I am there.

My purpose is that everyone I work with gets to shine at their best and achieve success with ease and finesse.

I have the privilege of causing this everyday – and my audience is amplifying as I get to be known by many different and extraordinary people around the world.

Ishreen-portrait_230Only the other month I was invited to lead a webinar based on my white paper about the challenges faced by professional women working in multinational organisations. We had 1500 people signed up and the webinar was oversubscribed. I was surprised that I was not terrified or blocked by such a large audience. My experience was that I was speaking individually with each of those women – connecting with them and fulfilling on our mutual purpose. It was a joyful experience and the first in the series so I am really looking forward to the next two webinars.

I love that people appreciate what I have to offer and my experience is one of ‘walking on sunshine’ as the lovely song by Katrina and the Waves goes, (a song I am currently learning for my Grade 1 Rock School exams).

…who knows…maybe it is time to add to my on-stage portfolio by including music…..perhaps you will have to wait a few more years before that happens!


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