Business Growth: New Projects, New Products, and New Associates

It’s been a busy couple of months for Mel, Ishreen and Catherine as they each work to grow themselves and their businesses. There are new projects, new products, and new associates…

Mel has been busy with consulting work, mentoring and launching her new group coaching programme. But she’s taken plenty of time to balance all this work with lots of rest (and collect an award for her commitment to her local community).

Ishreen has engaged audiences at several motivational speaking events around the launch of her new book, Authentic You and her new brand, Parity Pioneers. Ishreen’s work continues to build a movement that is enabling women to be happy and successful at work.

There’s a fresh energy within Catherine’s team as a new associate joins. Catherine has also been contemplating the importance of not suppressing one’s emotions, following some recent and sad news. Continue Reading →


Dealing with Overwhelm

It’s a familiar challenge for the ambitious, up for it woman. You want to achieve a lot, you feel you are ready to go to the next level but when it finally all starts to happen you find yourself dealing with more meetings, calls and tasks than you ever imagined. Not to mention the unexpected problems, unfamiliar challenges plus loved ones complaining that you are not making enough time for them. Continue Reading →


Travel, Training and Time to Reflect

It’s been an exciting time for Ishreen, Mel and Catherine.

A big part of their focus has been to fully accredit our first programme leaders. Yes, our first two Apprentices, Manju and Sian will become programme leaders this year – enabling us to spread the love to many more people and even take our work to lands outside the UK!

We are also very proud of our junior Apprentices Andrea and Simi who are also doing incredibly well. Continue Reading →


Known, Wanted, Treasured and Adored

Our theme for our 2016 Immersion Experience is being Known, Wanted, Treasured and Adored.

This means different things to different people. We have been hearing many varied perspectives from the women at our networking events.

We have been exploring this topic since June last year and will be leading a series of dynamic, reflective and life-changing workshops at the Immersion Experience that really get to the heart of becoming ‘unfrozen’ and choosing instead to be fully and happily alive.

When you allow yourself to become immersed in this subject fully, it provokes a very deep response, sometimes of joy, sometimes sadness. What does being Known, Wanted, Treasured and Adored arouse in you?

This is such a rich and layered topic that a blog cannot do it full justice, but for now we want to share some of what it means to us personally.

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Ever wondered what a typical week is for Mel, Catherine and Ishreen?

Hi there!

I’m Afua, some of you may have read my articles from Nurture Network.  I am pleased to welcome you to this new series, Directors’ Diary, in which I let you know what the Women on Purpose directors have been up to.

Mel is soon going to be leading some marketing training programmes in Europe but first she’ll be celebrating with businesses in her community at the annual Streatham Business Awards that take place this week.

Ishreen plans on making International Women’s Day, International Women’s Week with a number of events planned, all of which provide support and advice for women to reach their full potential at work.

Forever passionate about safeguarding children and their families, Catherine has been working intensively over the past few weeks to deliver the necessary training to many individuals and organisations. She’s also gotten involved with some local politics to highlight an important subject.

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Nurture Network Diary: Celebrations

January 2016

Have you ever been overwhelmed with emotion… yet didn’t know how to react. Well I must say that this how I felt during the January Nurture Network session. There was an absolute abundance of affirmation and love, as all the women bounteously shared their ‘impressions’ of each other to date.

There were hearty laughs and many other emotions as we also discussed our individual versions of ‘celebration in a matchbox’  – our shorthand for saying short!

From decorating living spaces, celebrating the acquisition of new properties and quarterly goal achievements, it was interesting to hear what everyone was up to and what they were celebrating in their lives.

The sharing continued with a moment of ‘Reflecting Teams’ which brought out the strengths and outstanding qualities in everyone present. Honesty, grace, power, strength and wisdom are a just few of the words that the lovely women used to describe each other.

To say I was touched is an understatement. I was deeply moved by the generosity by which we all celebrated our individual strengths.

As I absorbed the ambience and warmth, I realised that this was the reason I had signed up for these sessions; for a chance to nurture and be nurtured.

Enjoy the month ahead and stay tuned for more on the Nurture Network Diary!

Afua Kesewa Akoto


Nurture Network Diary: Your true or higher self

December 2015

Sparkling lights, shiny decorations, family reunions… the holiday season is almost here! Wishing you a very Happy Holidays 🙂

December began with an amazing session of Nurture Network. The focus of the meeting was on discovering one’s higher self.

What does it mean to be in tune with your true or higher self?

How can you reach within to source your inner power?

These are just some of the questions we pondered during the December Nurture Network meeting. Continue Reading →


Powerful insights and transformative decisions: A guest blog by Radha Kapuria

Our Afua fans will have noticed that her October Nurture Network diary blog was missing.

Don’t despair! Radha stepped in to make sure the learning and sharing was covered.

The October Nurture Network was one filled with one powerful insight upon another shared by the participants.

In a stream of small, yet transformative decisions that each woman took, everyone in the room was struck by how all of us were connected.

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Nurture Network Diary – Gratitude

November 2015

The concept of gratitude has always been one of importance to me. I’ve always been a promoter of the value that gratitude and thanks ought to be accorded to whom it is due. Hence my delight when we discussed the essence of gratitude at this month’s Nurture Network. Continue Reading →

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