Known, Wanted, Treasured and Adored

Our theme for our 2016 Immersion Experience is being Known, Wanted, Treasured and Adored.

This means different things to different people. We have been hearing many varied perspectives from the women at our networking events.

We have been exploring this topic since June last year and will be leading a series of dynamic, reflective and life-changing workshops at the Immersion Experience that really get to the heart of becoming ‘unfrozen’ and choosing instead to be fully and happily alive.

When you allow yourself to become immersed in this subject fully, it provokes a very deep response, sometimes of joy, sometimes sadness. What does being Known, Wanted, Treasured and Adored arouse in you?

This is such a rich and layered topic that a blog cannot do it full justice, but for now we want to share some of what it means to us personally.

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Ever wondered what a typical week is for Mel, Catherine and Ishreen?

Hi there!

I’m Afua, some of you may have read my articles from Nurture Network.  I am pleased to welcome you to this new series, Directors’ Diary, in which I let you know what the Women on Purpose directors have been up to.

Mel is soon going to be leading some marketing training programmes in Europe but first she’ll be celebrating with businesses in her community at the annual Streatham Business Awards that take place this week.

Ishreen plans on making International Women’s Day, International Women’s Week with a number of events planned, all of which provide support and advice for women to reach their full potential at work.

Forever passionate about safeguarding children and their families, Catherine has been working intensively over the past few weeks to deliver the necessary training to many individuals and organisations. She’s also gotten involved with some local politics to highlight an important subject.

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Nurture Network Diary – Gratitude

November 2015

The concept of gratitude has always been one of importance to me. I’ve always been a promoter of the value that gratitude and thanks ought to be accorded to whom it is due. Hence my delight when we discussed the essence of gratitude at this month’s Nurture Network. Continue Reading →


Reflections on ‘In Conversation’

Until last week, my idea of teams constituted having a set number of people within the same geographical location working for a similar cause. This was however debunked after a discussion I was involved in on an ‘In Conversation’ webinar. Continue Reading →


Nurture Network Diary – Reflection

September 2015

After a long and beautiful summer, the lovely ladies of the Nurture Network group gathered once again at the October gallery for another refreshing meeting. Many of you would agree with me that the summer holidays went by rather quickly. As the saying goes, “time flies when you are having fun…Continue Reading →


Nurture Network Diary – New Chapters

July 2015

Hi everyone,

The humming sound from the propellers of the ceiling fans could not drown the hearty laughs and chatter that echoed in the room. It was the second Nurture Network meeting and the ladies present were psyched up for the lovely evening.

Energy levels were high despite the stressful schedules most of us had had earlier on in the day. Catherine and Mel as usual, spread their bundle of joy around the room through their warm reception.

An ending is a new beginning…” one of the members I was fond of blurted out during the ‘sharing’ session.

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Nurture Network Diary…The Journey

June 2015

Hi everyone,

Afua-Akoto-and-Nurture-Network-DiaryIs Summer here yet? Er…we’re not sure.

No matter, someone who always lights up the room with her warmth is our Nurture Network member, Afua Akoto.

We are very pleased to share her new blog about her experience of our popular monthly group:

Nurture Network Journey…The Diary

It was reflection time before the commencement of the meeting. I sat in the comfortable leather sofa; embracing the rays of the sun permeating through the coloured stained glass at the October Gallery. It’d been about two months since we’d attended the Immersion Experience 2015. Hopes were high and ears were eager to hear the progress everyone had made since then. Catherine and Mel seemed ready to delve right into the programme for the night.

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Growing a Team that supports Your Growth

If you are committed to growing and developing yourself there will almost certainly be a time when you need a team around you. In fact, you probably already have a team around you – but you might not call it that. A team can be a professional business team but it can also be a group of friends who are your cheerleaders or supportive family members.

It’s worth taking some time every now and then to look at what type of team would best support your next phase of growth in home-life or business-life. Many of you who have just completed The Immersion Experience chose to join ‘Your Life on Purpose‘* or ‘The Nurture Network’ ** since you know they provide inspirational and powerful group structures to support accelerated personal growth over 9 – 12 months.

As we prepare to lead these new programmes, we are also looking at and reviewing our own relationships to teams and those who support us.

Mel throws her pebble

I enjoy working in teams and I like expanding that way of working into building wider communities. It wasn’t always that way. For a long time I was very independent (or so I thought) and my leadership style was usually, ‘My way or the high way’! I did get results that way but I found out that… Continue Reading →


Being Known

How do you feel about attention, acknowledgement, public recognition? Do you love it when all eyes are on you or do you cringe in the limelight? Are you ok when it’s public adoration but unable to fully receive praise or warmth from a friend or loved one? Do you speak out in difficult situations? Are you willing to take the lead and everything that goes with that role or do you prefer to be in the background? In this month’s blog we look at our on-going subject of Plenty when it comes to Being Known…

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How much is Enough?

The theme for our annual summer event this year** is ‘Plenty’. It’s a fundamental concept and experience in individual and social life for us humans. From our first breath to our last, we consciously and unconsciously look to maintain the levels of what we believe to be Plenty – of love, time, money, health, fun, sleep, food, property, work, happiness… (often moaning that there’s, “not enough”!).

Ishreen, Catherine and I have been exploring a-plenty and it’s been FANTASTIC! Here we each share our own Plenty stories…

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