How do I know I am on Purpose?


Last month we held a wonderful on-line conversation about ‘Purpose’ in the first in our series of free webinars called “In Conversation”. Just as the name suggests, we simply had an open-ended discussion. The women taking part were so generous and open in the dialogue and the feedback was fab:

Thank you for making this inspirational conversation available to women in the UK and world. xx

Thank you so much everyone, this has been inspiring and empowering! I will carry this moment on through the coming weeks as an energiser!

If you were on the call, please do add your thoughts and reflections via Facebook. If you weren’t – you are welcome to join us next time in November. So… how do you know if you are on Purpose and where does Purpose come from anyway?

Read on to find out…


Mel’s Peaceful Purpose

Purpose and Meditation

I enjoyed discussing the initial question of where does Purpose come from? Is it given to us, do we find it or is it something we create? There were a range of opinions on the call. My own truth is that it’s something that I consciously choose to create because it empowers me to have a meaningful focus for my life. But at the same time it does feel like it is something given to me as in: something I am called to do.

My Purpose centres around Peace and the day I realised that is a day I will never forget. I had read a story about a woman who chose to forgive a hideous, brutal act. It moved me so dramatically that I could not help but realise I wanted to help give Peace a chance in the world; however impossible it might seem. The realisation was so powerful and brought tears but also a deep and unexpected sense of joy.

“It moved me so dramatically that… I wanted to help give Peace a chance in the world”

I am not always a peaceful person, I do meditate every day and love it, so I wish I could say I was always calm and centred but sometimes I’m just not! However I love coming back to that still centre – it’s an amazing experience and I’d love it if Peace (and meditation) was more widely discussed, experienced and promoted as a choice. It’s a purpose that works for me in so many ways: it guides me, challenges me, nurtures me, pulls me through tough times and helps me to make the best choices and take the right actions. I feel very grateful.


Catherine’s commitment to instilling Confidence

Confidence and Purpose


As some of you will know I have worked for Children’s Services, for over 35 years. When I look into what led me down this career path, and as it happens into my purpose, it has been has been somewhat of an ‘unfolding story’. At each stage though there seems to have been this kind of ‘knowing’ inside of me … that I was on the right course. (In early adult-hood I did doubt myself from time to time and kind of stall on my own life. It turned out that this was all a part of my discovery and indeed helped to shape what I see as my purpose, to help instil confidence in others).

When I was about 13 years old, I realised that I wanted to work with small children. I was and still am, enthralled, delighted and thoroughly stimulated by the ways they grow and develop. In their company I feel connected to the exciting possibilities for each of them in their lives and for humanity as a whole. Life brings its challenges though and a number of the children I have worked with have been profoundly hurt, neglected and abused. It was a natural progression to move into safeguarding and protecting children. I soon began to notice a prevalent pattern of dis-ease in professionals around me, a reluctance to actively name and then act on their concerns for children; I pondered on the reasons for this … they knew exactly what to do, they really wanted to do it, they felt very strongly about doing it right .. but lacked the confidence ….

Along with my team of Associates we have been growing professional confidence for over 20 years now. We have our own special approach.

We believe in the people we work with, we help them re-connect with their hearts and to express their values (and those of their organisations), keeping children and their often struggling families at the centre of everything they do …

We help them to claim their confidence and to do what they know they should do with conviction.

These days I work with a great number of people in many, many different contexts. The common thread is my focus on assisting them to get in touch with what they really, really want and just as importantly, to instil the confidence to do exactly that. My life journey to date confirms to me that I am doing exactly what I am here to do…. my heart sings … it is a truly natural expression of me.


Ishreen’s journey: ‘the front and back of my hand’

Finding your Purpose

I know when I am on purpose because everything just flows. Life is fun and easy, and miracles abound around me – for me and the people I am with. I feel it in my core – my gut, my heart, my mind and my spirit.

It has been a long and enjoyable journey for me to find my current purpose – and it looks nothing like it did when I was in my twenties as an ambitious young engineer who wanted to run a large multi-national one day and who had a strong belief that it was dangerous to work with women – much more fun to be around men – “they are much more straight-forward”.

Who would have ‘thunk’ now that I am approaching my 50s, my passion and purpose is to assist women in achieving success with finesse and ease! They may be women in our core programme – Your Life on Purpose who have done what they set out to do in their twenties and are now looking to create and fulfil on their new purpose over the next 30 years; or they may be women in the corporate world who are looking to achieve balance and fulfil their highest potential by working with me as their Executive Coach. Being with these women when they are moving through the spaces from where they are now to where they want to be is the most delightful experience and does not really occur as work at all. That is how I know I am on purpose.

The purpose I had in my twenties was the flip side of my current purpose – a bit like the front and back of my hand. Both are valid and relevant to that life stage. So my belief is that purpose can evolve as we grow and develop and as we become clearer on who we are, what our values are and what we stand for in the world. It may come for you from a higher being or be one that you create. The important thing is that it is true to your core and that it lights you up when you are on purpose.

“…purpose can evolve as we grow and develop… as we become clearer on who we are, what our values are and what we stand for in the world.”

So I am interested to know your purpose and whether your purpose currently is from the front or back of your hand…




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