How much is Enough?

The theme for our annual summer event this year** is ‘Plenty’. It’s a fundamental concept and experience in individual and social life for us humans. From our first breath to our last, we consciously and unconsciously look to maintain the levels of what we believe to be Plenty – of love, time, money, health, fun, sleep, food, property, work, happiness… (often moaning that there’s, “not enough”!).

Ishreen, Catherine and I have been exploring a-plenty and it’s been FANTASTIC! Here we each share our own Plenty stories…

Mel – Alive & Kicking!

I turned 50 last year and almost immediately my subconscious mind started sending me ‘helpful news bulletins’ about how I was ‘past it’ and that it was all ‘too late’. Where did that come from? My mother has always reminded me that we truly never know how long our time on earth is, “We knoweth not the hour” she often says. So I have always been keenly aware that life on earth is temporary and we should enjoy it.

But something about 50 really bothered me! It seemed like “the hour” was coming towards me at a hundred miles an hour ! I started feeling like I was running out of time and I could see a ‘dark horizon’ sharply advancing. A horrible context for my future and totally disempowering: suddenly my ‘shine’ was gone and I was ‘shrinking’.

By chance I read an article about a body-builder called Ernestine Shepherd who started working out for the first time in her life when she was 55. Now at 78 she is in the Guinness Book of Records as a leading mature body-builder. She looks INCREDIBLE, she is toned in a balanced way and has bags of energy. Thank you Ernestine – you reminded me that while we are here, we all have PLENTY of time.
You snapped me out of my ridiculous trance and showed me, I have plenty of time, (whether I choose to become a body-builder or not). Funnily enough I recently bought a kettle-bell and love exercising with it – watch this space!


Catherine – Law of Attraction in Action!

“What is it that is going on today ? I just got out of my cab, off to lead a training event. My cab driver kissed me good-bye as he helped me out of the cab with two heavy bags. The Proprietor of the beautiful hotel that I stayed in the night before had run up the stairs to bring my bags down, and kissed me good-bye, joking with the cab driver that he did not kiss all of his guests ! I’ve stayed in the hotel a number of times and know Alan quite well, but have never met the cabbie before.

I’ve not been at all ‘man handled’, but really looked after today …. I recognise that I am warm in my exchange with people, but complete strangers seldom kiss me ! ‘My man’ in fact, just the kind of partner I’ve always wanted, is also deeply respectful, attentive and generous ….. he went out of his way to come to collect me from the south coast, a several hour round trip.

It is my experience recently …. I’ve plenty of many things …. Work is just flowing to me; it is of a high calibre and mostly at my top rate. I am being approached in really respectful ways, sometimes by people that I have not spoken to for years, I am being sought out. In short, I am in demand.

So, where is all this coming from ? Well, I think I would have to say from the intention that Mel, Ishreen and I created last autumn for The Immersion Experience this May, ‘A Life of Plenty’. No kidding …. Step into this space!


Ishreen – Mindset & Manifestations!

Plenty for me is when everything is in balance and harmony… just as it should be. It is not ‘too much’ or ‘not enough’. ‘Too much’ of one thing impacts everything else. For example:

  • if I have ‘too much’ work – although it is great that I will be generating a lot of money, I would have ‘not enough’ time for my family, friends and fun;
  • if I have ‘too much’ delicious food, I would not appreciate it as much and would have ‘not enough’ vitality, energy and fitness;
  • if I have ‘too much’ time on my hands, I would get bored and not feel fulfilled.

All-about-balanceThinking about this, I see it is all about mindset. Who decides what is ‘too much’ or ‘not enough’ is me. Surely then, I have the power to state that something is ‘plenty’ ….not ‘too much’ or ‘not enough.’

For me, ‘plenty’ is all about having a balance of everything in life that makes me experience being vital, loved and at peace. A plentiful day for me looks like this:

I wake up naturally from my sleep feeling refreshed and ready. My husband, my son and I have conversations over breakfast about what we are up for today. We all go off to ‘work’. Work for me is doing what I love doing, so it occurs as play. I am with people who inspire me and seek me out for the difference I make to them. We have deep and insightful conversations that cause them to be lit up and experience having plenty of what matters to them in their lives. Looking at my schedule, I remember that there is a bit of a gap between clients and I had arranged to have a delicious afternoon tea at the Grosvenor House Hotel with my best friend. We love the food and service there and enjoy giggling over the funny things that we see around us. On my way home, I realise that tomorrow I have an afternoon off. I call my son and we arrange to go skiing at Hemel in the afternoon. I book a spa and massage at The Beauty Room straight after so that I can fully relax. I feel inspired by the richness I have in my life and blessed to be with the people around me. It does not get better than this. This is plenty…and I have the power to create having plenty every moment of everyday. Such a privilege and gift.

** The Immersion Experience

The Immersion Experience is an event over two life-changing days when you can take yourself away from your daily routine and stress to focus 100% on you, your dreams and desires, your business, your career, your relationships – anything that is important to you.

During these two days you will:

  • Receive 6 x coaching based workshops that take you forward
  • Presentations that make you think
  • Discussions that give you insights
  • Reflection time that helps you identify what’s really important to YOU
  • Relaxed Networking breaks
  • Fun and Surprises!

Learn more about this year’s event…

Eventbrite - The Immersion Experience


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