Business Growth: New Projects, New Products, and New Associates

It’s been a busy couple of months for Mel, Ishreen and Catherine as they each work to grow themselves and their businesses. There are new projects, new products, and new associates…

Mel has been busy with consulting work, mentoring and launching her new group coaching programme. But she’s taken plenty of time to balance all this work with lots of rest (and collect an award for her commitment to her local community).

Ishreen has engaged audiences at several motivational speaking events around the launch of her new book, Authentic You and her new brand, Parity Pioneers. Ishreen’s work continues to build a movement that is enabling women to be happy and successful at work.

There’s a fresh energy within Catherine’s team as a new associate joins. Catherine has also been contemplating the importance of not suppressing one’s emotions, following some recent and sad news.



My third quarter was great as I eased myself out of summer mode. Recent consulting work has taken me to Birmingham, West Yorkshire and Greenwich: it’s been great to get out of London for a bit and visit a wide range of major cultural institutions. And the people I have worked with have been fantastic: warm, committed and fun.

I’ve also been delivering a fair amount of Skype-based training and mentoring sessions. I completed follow-up online sessions for the groups I trained earlier in the year while in Athens and Warsaw for the British Council and the Arts Marketing Association. For the latter, I’ve also been mentoring executives and managers in six UK cultural organisations around diversity issues in marketing.  I also launched my group coaching programme for freelancers and small businesses.




It’s all been hugely enjoyable and strangely, I still feel very relaxed! I have kept my commitment to getting enough rest and recovery at weekends, (I’ve been laughing a lot with hubby at the brilliant ‘Parks & Recreation’ series on Amazon Prime).  To cap it all, I feel extremely honoured and grateful to have been recently awarded a ‘Prestigious Woman of Lambeth Award’ for over 20 years of community collaboration in Streatham, South London.

Mel x



ishreen_book-cover-for-authentic-you_optMy fourth quarter has been filled with motivational speaking engagements related the launch of my first book and beyond.  I am thrilled that my new book ‘Authentic You’ (photo right) has been published on Amazon and is getting great feedback.  It is all about how you as a woman can uncover and value who you really are; create and realise what you are called to contribute at work in a way that you are acknowledged and rewarded for what you provide.

My October involved running our ‘What new behaviours will you bring to work?’ workshop at the Connecting Women in Technologies Conference at IBM.  I enjoyed working with over 100 women from many technology companies, including Intel, Google, HP, Microsoft and IBM.  Another milestone was that our work on the Economic Blueprint was shared with business leaders, social philanthropists, MPs and women business owners at our annual Female Quotient event at the Shard this month.  We are definitely building a movement to enable women to be happy, succeed and win at work.

November brought with it my book launch at Morgan McKinley in the Aldwych. I attended the annual WEConnect conference (where I announced my new brand Parity Pioneers that brings a business focussed drive for equality and inclusion at work) and the gender parity conference for women in science and engineering (WISE). I have also enjoyed continuing to work with my lovely clients that are bringing us the best fashion, the best technologies, the best ways of financing what we want and the most amazing environments in which to nurture and enjoy ourselves.

Ishreen Bradley presenting Parity Pioneers

Ishreen Bradley presenting her new brand, Parity Pioneers.


As you read this I am in the process of closing a tender that will deliver a massive growth for Bizas. It is very exciting and I am learning a lot about how to negotiate with a big corporation, from the other side of the lens.

I feel blessed to be working with some amazing people and on projects that excite and inspire me to my bones. I look forward to you connecting more deeply with our exciting journey and seeing you again very soon.

Much love, Ishreen



This year has brought several unexpected dimensions to it, including closures, creations, and innovation.

As you will recall, one of my long-established Associates became ill and took early retirement in the Spring this year. In a small business, the loss of a key cog can be significant. And so it has been in my case.

I have spent time thinking about the kind of Associate energy I would like to attract and without looking for them, they emerged. One potential Associate turned out to not be suitable. Although the experience was disappointing, on reflection, perhaps it is better to have occurred sooner, rather than later. The other Associate, however, goes from strength to strength, has been actively generating brand new contacts and is preparing for her first big event, going it solo. There is a new energy bubbling away around our Team.

Sadly, my ex-Associate died a month ago. Naturally, I wrote to our extensive network of customers, many of whom had worked with her over the years. Although I knew that she was highly respected, admired and had made a significant impact in many, many people’s lives, I was in no way really prepared for the emotional outpouring of feeling that we received. To be honest I was overwhelmed at times and equally committed to both hearing and responding to everyone’s communications. My late Associate’s funeral, just a few weeks ago, was a similarly touching tribute. Many, many practitioners and managers came, demonstrating their depth of feeling for her. We were a very strong reminder to her family as to the deep mark she had made and the strong legacy she leaves.

“you cannot rush emotions… they will surface and express themselves… this is being human.”

On a more personal note, I have been re-experiencing edges of life that I touched deeply at this time last year when another close friend died. I have remembered that you cannot rush emotions, that they will surface and express themselves and that this is being human.

Having noticed that I have been ‘quick to tears’, I cut myself some slack. I decided that I needed to take a little time out to ‘be’ and have accepted the deep levels of support that has come from both those close to me and from some unexpected quarters.

As I actively live the belief that emotion is essential to humanness (and that suppressed or unidentified emotion finds some way of getting out, sometimes in harmful ways towards yourself or others) …. so, I become more and more human. It occurs to me that perhaps this place is wisdom …Not only for me but for everyone around me.

Catherine x



  1. Lorraine Palache  January 18, 2017

    … All new to me, the concept of women on purpose, however truly inspiring to read of success and emotional strength at its best. Reading each statement has reminded me that I can achieve greatness way beyond the limits that I had originally set for myself. My curiousity will take me further.. My willingness to understand more will guide me forward into MY new role. Thank you all, my reservations are dispersing!

  2. Lorna Williams  November 28, 2016

    I’m so in awe of you guys always so strong no matter what’s going on! A whole lot of Love to you xxx


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