Nurture Network Diary…The Journey

June 2015

Hi everyone,

Afua-Akoto-and-Nurture-Network-DiaryIs Summer here yet? Er…we’re not sure.

No matter, someone who always lights up the room with her warmth is our Nurture Network member, Afua Akoto.

We are very pleased to share her new blog about her experience of our popular monthly group:

Nurture Network Journey…The Diary

It was reflection time before the commencement of the meeting. I sat in the comfortable leather sofa; embracing the rays of the sun permeating through the coloured stained glass at the October Gallery. It’d been about two months since we’d attended the Immersion Experience 2015. Hopes were high and ears were eager to hear the progress everyone had made since then. Catherine and Mel seemed ready to delve right into the programme for the night.

The lovely ladies present, shared quirky facts about themselves, as a quick way of getting to know one another. From soccer fanatics to foodies, the night was set for a cozy time of sharing [don’t ask me the quirky fact I revealed about myself, lol :)]

The two and a half hour meeting went by rather quickly after several exercises we had to carry out. One of the activities I enjoyed doing the most was the brainstorming session which required the identification of key goals we hoped to achieve in about a year.

Bald eagle in flight with talons outI was re-energized by the end of the session to keep pressing and shedding off the ‘things of the old’, after the eagle story was shared for the second time by Manju from the Women on Purpose Associate team:

“The eagle after many years of living, flies off to the highest peak of a mountain to shed off his talons and beak which have aged and are weakly”,

she narrated.

“The eagle has to go through this seemingly painful experience to extend its lifespan and strength for the upcoming years”.

This is synonymous to letting go of the past and embracing endless future possibilities. Hope the story resonates with you!

Stay tuned every month for the diary sessions where I share my Nurture Network experience!

It’s not too late to join Nurture Network – next session is 7th July. After that membership will re-open next year.

Interested in building your confidence and enjoyment of Life? More information and booking here:



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