What happens when you take a moment to slow down and let go?

We’ve all recently demonstrated that taking a moment to slow down in life actually helps us to achieve what we want. Everything just falls into place when you’re not stressed, worrying or anxious.


Well I have stuck to my promise to slow down a bit and it’s been well worth it. I had a blissful holiday in Tenerife. I stayed in a hotel where there were Buddhas everywhere you looked, I couldn’t have had a better thumbs up from the universe! With no loss of income or results and work offers still flowing in, I feel clear headed and a lot calmer. Amazing how it has all just worked out.

Dream Project Coach, my new coaching brand for freelancers and solopreneurs has taken its first baby steps and I recently completed delivering a 90-day online programme. My participants started up/moved forward their projects (which included writing books, starting a charity, finding new customers), all of which I am proud to say are initiatives that will make a positive difference in the world. As part of this work I also completed my accompanying book for the programme, ‘Turn your Vision into Results’. Just writing a little bit at a time over the 3 months really made it an enjoyable task.

I also had the pleasure of taking part in a fun and fabulous photo shoot with Warmth Photography run by one of our five Women on Purpose Apprentices, Andrea Sealey. Andrea has always had a passion for life though a lens and recently took the big leap of leaving a long-term job to fully focus on her new photo business. I love this photo (below) and close friends and clients feel it captures the real me. Thank you Andrea!


Mel Larsen sitting on grass


Like Mel and Ishreen my life is moving at an amazing rate; not in terms of speed though, more in how things are dropping into place, apparently with little pushing by me! You will know that I have been facing some challenges professionally as one of my long-standing Associates became unwell very suddenly and decided to take early retirement. Something extraordinary has arisen in the huge space that she left.

I began to really focus on my ideal Associate, I spent some time talking with my Business Coach on who they should be, their attributes, the absolute non-negotiables and those qualities that would be a bit ‘blue sky thinking’. This might appear to be a bit of a tall order. I had talked to my co-ordinator about the possibility of writing to a selected number of people in my network, to gently sound out people. Then, out of the blue, I started to hear from people who had no idea about my intention to recruit new Associates, but were just the right calibre. How did that happen? I did not put the word out; I did not put any hard work in; no great expense, sleepless nights or angst.

I am in the midst of training my potential new Associates, they are shadowing me at events, absorbing the principles, qualities and standards I espouse and are making it known how honoured they feel to be within this process with me. These comments have caused me to pause and take stock …. I recognise that I occupy a very specific position in the independent training sector.

My approach is recognised as uncompromising in placing children and their safety at the heart of everything. Only by focussing on the development of an emotionally mature and confident workforce can we accomplish this in reality. I feel proud of what I have established in business over the 23 years. There is a professional prestige around joining me and that although my work with new Asssociates is a work in progress, that it also heralds the mark of an exciting new era.

Just before I go, there is something else of note about these recent developments and that is the generosity I have shown myself in this challenging period …. A healthy dose of self love I think. I recognise an almost complete absence of concern, anxiety or worry. I had no idea how I was going to proceed 5 months ago, but had a deep confidence that I had all of the resources within me to succeed. All this whilst also maintaining a healthy personal life, taking complete week-ends off and making an investment in my health and well-being. Living life fully right now.



As Mel and Catherine prepare to take their one month sabbatical and spend August fully nurturing themselves and their loved ones at a higher level, I am just coming out of my retreat time. Ramadan was a beautiful, spiritual experience for me. For the first time ever, I took the whole month off for spiritual development and reflection. I come out of this time feeling fully at peace with myself and the world…letting everything be as it is – as it is meant to be.

There are some things in this world right now that I might prefer were different from how they are…however, they are what they are, and my railing against them would make little or no difference – it would just bring a negative energy all around. So I am creating a new kind of energy for the world…one of love and nourishment for all. If we all bring this energy within ourselves and for each other, I know we can pull the best in each of us. Other people around us will then absorb what we are bringing and gradually, the world can be another way.

In this spirit, I walk into the last third of the year relaxed, knowing that who I am and what I bring makes a difference. August is about getting everything in place to start making that difference.

September brings with it the launch of my new book authentic.you, a reflective and creative journey for each of us to guide ourselves to a life that fully reflects who we are – that fulfils every part of us. In case you are interested, I am providing this book free of charge on a limited basis for people who pre-order during August. If you are interested, just drop me a line at ishreen@womenonpurpose.co.uk and I will be sure to send you a link from which you can request a copy.

I will also be a key note speaker at MSDUK’s 10-year celebratory conference in September – working with over 200 delegates to create a powerful future for their organisations and themselves. This is very exciting for me as MSDUK works to empower ethnic minority owned businesses in winning larger corporate contracts. I am also thrilled that I will be supporting MSDUK in creating their strategy for the next 10 years so that they can amplify the massive contribution they have already made.

All of this, together with joining the amazing women on the ‘Your Life on Purpose’ Pelham weekend in September (which you are welcome to join on Saturday 24th for afternoon tea or Sunday 25th for a discovery day mini experience of ‘Your Life on Purpose); as well as the work I am doing with the All Party Parliamentary Group for women and entrepreneurship on the economic blueprint for women (below left), delivering workshops for female leaders at Barclays during their careers week and closing off the first module of our Fast Forward 15 Mentoring programme for young women in the hospitality and events sector (below right) means that the last quarter of the year fizzes into inspired action and I look forward to seeing you at one of our events so that we can catch up in person very soon.


Ishreen and the APPG Team for Fair Access to Markets (Small)

Maggie, Marianne and Ishreen – The APPG Team for Fair Access to Markets

 Celebrating graduation with 2015 mentees of the Fast Forward15 Programme and welcoming the 2016 intake at the lucscious Langham Hotel.

Celebrating graduation with 2015 mentees of the Fast Forward15 Programme and welcoming the 2016 intake at the lucscious Langham Hotel.



  1. Claire  August 2, 2016

    Thank you Catherine, Mel and Ishreen. It has been truly inspiring reading your blogs. I am getting ready to take well deserved break in August and I look forward to connecting with you in the not too distant future.
    Best regards

    • Ishreen  August 4, 2016

      Brilliant Claire…enjoy that special time to rest and rejuvenate…I can highly recommend it as I am just back from a good rest. Holding the fort while Mel and Catherine take their summer break 😉


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