Ever wondered what a typical week is for Mel, Catherine and Ishreen?

Hi there!

I’m Afua, some of you may have read my articles from Nurture Network.  I am pleased to welcome you to this new series, Directors’ Diary, in which I let you know what the Women on Purpose directors have been up to.

Mel is soon going to be leading some marketing training programmes in Europe but first she’ll be celebrating with businesses in her community at the annual Streatham Business Awards that take place this week.

Ishreen plans on making International Women’s Day, International Women’s Week with a number of events planned, all of which provide support and advice for women to reach their full potential at work.

Forever passionate about safeguarding children and their families, Catherine has been working intensively over the past few weeks to deliver the necessary training to many individuals and organisations. She’s also gotten involved with some local politics to highlight an important subject.

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Joyful Practices

Those of you who attended this year’s Immersion Experience event will know that we discussed what we call ‘Joyful Practices’. We’ve noticed that when we do our Joyful Practices unexpected miracles show up in our life and everything flows. It’s amazing how powerful even small practices can be.

Catherine, Ishreen and I reported back to each other on our own practices lately and found between us we have at least 15 Joyful Practices.

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