How much is Enough?

The theme for our annual summer event this year** is ‘Plenty’. It’s a fundamental concept and experience in individual and social life for us humans. From our first breath to our last, we consciously and unconsciously look to maintain the levels of what we believe to be Plenty – of love, time, money, health, fun, sleep, food, property, work, happiness… (often moaning that there’s, “not enough”!).

Ishreen, Catherine and I have been exploring a-plenty and it’s been FANTASTIC! Here we each share our own Plenty stories…

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What will you be “Noodling” this Christmas?

We learned and loved the term ‘noodling’ from the lovely Katharine Dever* to describe that activity when you let your mind fairly idly and randomly mull over an idea or issue. At our last team meeting we agreed to let our subconscious brains noodle over some critical concepts and challenges while we… fully relax during the seasonal holidays!
One of the themes we are jointly noodling over is the idea of ‘A Life of Plenty’. It’s the theme for our annual summer event** so we started looking at what ‘Plenty’ means to us and what we do when opportunities for Plenty start to appear (or not appear) in our lives. Find out how we will be noodling over yuletide…  Continue Reading →