How much is Enough?

The theme for our annual summer event this year** is ‘Plenty’. It’s a fundamental concept and experience in individual and social life for us humans. From our first breath to our last, we consciously and unconsciously look to maintain the levels of what we believe to be Plenty – of love, time, money, health, fun, sleep, food, property, work, happiness… (often moaning that there’s, “not enough”!).

Ishreen, Catherine and I have been exploring a-plenty and it’s been FANTASTIC! Here we each share our own Plenty stories…

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Bringing your ‘Whole Self’ to Life



Just over a week ago we completed the first retreat at Champney’s luxury spa for ‘Your Life on Purpose’, our 9-month programme for women who want to live a life of no “if onlys…”.

We are delighted to report that the participants are every bit as wonderful as we thought they would be and we are very happy that they told us the 4 days they spent with us were (in their words) “amazing”. We are looking forward to seeing how they start to fully live their purpose over the coming months.

We encouraged the participants to bring their ‘whole self’ to the programme. During this time we also reflected on what that meant for us too. Continue Reading →