How do I know I am on Purpose?


Last month we held a wonderful on-line conversation about ‘Purpose’ in the first in our series of free webinars called “In Conversation”. Just as the name suggests, we simply had an open-ended discussion. The women taking part were so generous and open in the dialogue and the feedback was fab:

Thank you for making this inspirational conversation available to women in the UK and world. xx

Thank you so much everyone, this has been inspiring and empowering! I will carry this moment on through the coming weeks as an energiser!

If you were on the call, please do add your thoughts and reflections via Facebook. If you weren’t – you are welcome to join us next time in November. So… how do you know if you are on Purpose and where does Purpose come from anyway?

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Joyful Practices

Those of you who attended this year’s Immersion Experience event will know that we discussed what we call ‘Joyful Practices’. We’ve noticed that when we do our Joyful Practices unexpected miracles show up in our life and everything flows. It’s amazing how powerful even small practices can be.

Catherine, Ishreen and I reported back to each other on our own practices lately and found between us we have at least 15 Joyful Practices.

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