Ever wondered what a typical week is for Mel, Catherine and Ishreen?

Hi there!

I’m Afua, some of you may have read my articles from Nurture Network.  I am pleased to welcome you to this new series, Directors’ Diary, in which I let you know what the Women on Purpose directors have been up to.

Mel is soon going to be leading some marketing training programmes in Europe but first she’ll be celebrating with businesses in her community at the annual Streatham Business Awards that take place this week.

Ishreen plans on making International Women’s Day, International Women’s Week with a number of events planned, all of which provide support and advice for women to reach their full potential at work.

Forever passionate about safeguarding children and their families, Catherine has been working intensively over the past few weeks to deliver the necessary training to many individuals and organisations. She’s also gotten involved with some local politics to highlight an important subject.

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Reflections on ‘In Conversation’

Until last week, my idea of teams constituted having a set number of people within the same geographical location working for a similar cause. This was however debunked after a discussion I was involved in on an ‘In Conversation’ webinar. Continue Reading →


Growing a Team that supports Your Growth

If you are committed to growing and developing yourself there will almost certainly be a time when you need a team around you. In fact, you probably already have a team around you – but you might not call it that. A team can be a professional business team but it can also be a group of friends who are your cheerleaders or supportive family members.

It’s worth taking some time every now and then to look at what type of team would best support your next phase of growth in home-life or business-life. Many of you who have just completed The Immersion Experience chose to join ‘Your Life on Purpose‘* or ‘The Nurture Network’ ** since you know they provide inspirational and powerful group structures to support accelerated personal growth over 9 – 12 months.

As we prepare to lead these new programmes, we are also looking at and reviewing our own relationships to teams and those who support us.

Mel throws her pebble

I enjoy working in teams and I like expanding that way of working into building wider communities. It wasn’t always that way. For a long time I was very independent (or so I thought) and my leadership style was usually, ‘My way or the high way’! I did get results that way but I found out that… Continue Reading →