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Here’s what some women have said about our previous events…

Known, Wanted…Adored

"Working with Women on Purpose was the beginning of a huge shift in how I work and live. The process helped me get really clear on what I wanted and - very practically - what I needed to do to make that happen. This, backed with the support of the course community, was a winning combination. Mel is not happy to let people sit back comfortably in their comfort zones. When you need a push, she gives you one (in the most friendliest of ways). As a result, my theatre company Cobblers has gone from being the dream of two idealists to being at the stage where we have just put job advertisements in arts jobs and casting call pro because we can’t do all the work ourselves! We delivered a two week Summer School in Clowning and Creative Movement in collaboration with Mencap, we’ve secured ongoing delivery of creative workshops with the charity Metoo&Co and I’ve been invited to speak at a National Autistic Society meeting about the work we do – all these things happened as direct results of actions I took during the course. The course also really helped me burst through issues I held around daring to shine, and now, as well as running Cobblers Theatre Productions, I also work as a yoga teacher, using yoga and meditation to help women realise their true potential and get back in touch with their deepest, wisest, and most playfully creative selves."
Katharine Wolf
Co-founder, Artistic Director and Creative Learning Specialist / Cobblers Theatre
Your Life on Purpose

“A wonderful combination of beautiful surroundings and a creative approach to digging deep inside and finding one’s passion and direction in life. Ishreen, Mel and Catherine have created a course which is a complete gift to other women” Anne Minors, Anne Minors Performance Consultants 

“WHAT A WEEKEND. LOVED IT SO MUCH!! Such an intimate group setting which gave me full permission to share, be my self, put my thoughts on loud speaker as the facilitators created such a sacred safe place to share with each other. Given that one of my blocks is “Im not important” I actually felt important enough to be around this table with some pretty, powerful, intelligent and awesome women. To be a part of this hub of women felt a complete privilege and honour to be around. For me this hub of women has become of a team of directors, and that we are creating and directing shifts in humanity for people to shine and to empower others to shine and not only create legacy for our selves and to create legacy for people in the world. Thank you for your skilful leadership and sensitive facilitation for me to flourish and shine in the world.” Julie Britton, Commit2Action

Magical Coaching Retreat 2012

“It has been a pleasure for me to be here and I would recommend this Retreat – this special place for reflection and contemplation – to any woman, whatever profession – just to have time to be supported by other women and to express themselves and to empower themselves.”

“At first I wasn’t sure about the Retreat, but now, months later I keep thinking about it.  I realise its had a huge impact on me.  For example, I’ve since been much more powerful in saying what I want.”

“This weekend helped me to leave some important baggage behind and helped me stand still in a poised way to decide what to do next.  I’ve now got some plans that are going to work.”

Business Adventures 2012

“Ridiculously amazing Business Adventures Workshop today !!! Thank you Ladies”

@mybizadventures. Thank you. It was a wonderful event –  @rachelelnaugh

“Every business woman starting up or in business should attend”

“Daring, funny, informative, empowering”

“Gorgeous, dynamic, delicious snacks, inspirational. Congratulations, everything was handled with gentle professionalism. I felt totally taken care of”

“An event that encourages you to find and be your authentic self”

“Well worth the reflective time out”

“Re-connecting me to the reason I first started in business, ie. my passion and my points of difference”

“Inspiring women to live their passion”

“An inspirational event run by business women for business women”

“Supportive, fun, inspiring, clear and concise guidance”

“A wonderful, inspiring day for women in business that want to move to the next level and spend time with like-minded women”

“A confidence-building day to empower women in business and to express your unique gifts”

“Not your ordinary conference – this one’s inspiring, uplifting and practical. Top notch speakers and workshop leaders – really enjoyed hearing how women like Fay Sharpe from Zibrant and Rachel Elnaugh from Dragons Den started their businesses. Especially liked that they were so frank about both the ‘ups’ and ‘downs’ . Picked up some great tips, especially in the Marketing Success workshop and got the chance to meet up and share ideas with many other interesting women entrepreneurs.”  Lorraine Lawson, Director, WALTZ

“Generous, giving, sharing, honest, positive, motivational, great conversations…renewed sense of purpose, positively altered sense of self, a more highly developed articulation of what I’m about, increased confidence and sense of ‘can do’ and ‘because I can’, useful thinking tools to take forward”

“Just wanted to say what a great event. Really enjoyed it and got some real insights into how the little voices in my head are keeping me small!! Have taken a lot away from the various keynote presentations and the workshops and am inspired and in action! Thank you again to the team at Business Adventures.”

“Inspirational, good for networking and structuring ideas”

“Lots of advice, confidence-building and inspirational women, [most useful part of the day?] All of it”


Business Adventures 2011

“Business Adventures is a must attend event for all women entrepreneurs looking for inspiration, collaboration and motivation. The event is jam-packed with incredibly generous women only too pleased to share their wisdom. I’ll definitely be back this year”
Zoe Robinson, Writer and Founder, Think Style

“The presentations and resulting conversations were inspiring and alive. The spirit in the workshops was open and facilitators were trained to connect participants with ease, turning the diversity in professional backgrounds into an exciting platform”
Heide Classen, Director, Language Contacts

“It is said that a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. I believe a journey begins with the inspiration to take that first step, and my inspiration came from Business Adventures 2011.”

“June 11th made the difference between me being a resigned employee and seeing the possibility of having my own business. At the time, I was looking into my relationship with money and realised that I needed to value myself more. Business Adventures took me to the next level and I saw that I COULD combine work with the life of fulfilment and purpose that I wanted!”

What a beautiful line-up of speakers … each with a different business background, but all so obviously loving what you do and making a real difference in the world. This was evident not only in the powerful keynote speeches – which we all heard – but also in the wonderful workshops we could choose from, and from the fantastic energy and atmosphere of the whole event.”

“I was given the opportunity to follow up my day with a free hour’s coaching call and found the perfect person to create the vision for my business. Now, eight months later, I am making the transition from employment to my own Business Adventure. I cannot thank you all enough. It was a life-changing experience for me” Helen Davenport, The Fulfilment Goddess

“I went in with a question mark about what I wanted to do and came out feeling clearer. I found it really helpful to sound out where I wanted to go”
Nana Ocran, Founder, MakeNote

“At the event I decided to start my own business”

“The 2011 seminar was so inspirational. it was great for networking & jump starting ideas “

“Wonderfully packed-full of inspiring women and workshops.”