What will you get from being a member?

Here’s what some of our current participants say:

“I get a calmness amongst a busy week. I have met people I wouldn’t have ordinarily have met in my day to day life who have given me the opportunity to see a window into their lives. Its been uplifting, positive and inspiring to see someone find a way to work less days a week for the same money. It’s been great to see a busy working mother decide to set time aside for herself to go to yoga and as a result her relationships with her daughter has improved beyond recognition.”

“Nurture Network has given me an oasis amongst the whirlwind called…my Life!”


Nurture-Network_Women On Purpose

“It’s been inspiring to see 2 other busy mums making time for themselves and improving their relationships too. It’s been inspiring to see an influential business woman decide to turn off her phone out of hours (along with other initiatives) and be with her to see her business catapult. Nurture Network has given me an oasis amongst the whirlwind called…my Life!”

“I think for me the changes that reflect my current choices comes from a holistic embrace/approach of Your Life on Purpose, Nurture Network and ImmEx. Nurture Network: it’s a space to be yourself without being judged…to be with like minded people who want to make a difference in their world and we set up ground shifting goals/ choices to make it happen. One thing that is evident is that we have resources within us to achieve goals but Nurture Network helps to bring it out and keeps it growing in us long enough to cause a shift in my life situations! I am a better person for CHOOSING to be in the Nurture Network group. Long may it continue!”
“…a space to be yourself without being judged…”

“I come out feeling positive and wanting to keep going”

“Well I can only echo the other’s words, but for me I enjoy the evenings where I have learnt just to be myself, speak up and be heard. I come out feeling positive and wanting to keep going. I have an extended family of women who are professional not judgemental and can be open and honest with me. It’s valued evenings well spent. Keep Nurture Network going: it’s changed my life in such a short time. I thank and love the women who started this and allowed me to be a part of their lives and others”