The Immersion Experience
Saturday 16th September 2017, 9.30am – 4.30pm – The Pelham Hotel, South Kensington, London

woman on purpose and full of ideas

Is your life turning out the way you wanted?

Any of these feel familiar to you?

There is something you really want to have in your life, BUT… you haven’t taken bold action to have it…

… that hot man you have your eye on
… that promotion you really want to go for
… that job you know you can do
… that dream client who would take your business to a whole new level
… that dream holiday in the sun or snow
… we could go on

So many women want that special thing in their life… but something stops them from taking bold action… the kind of action that would make them know they truly have an abundant life.

It doesn’t have to be this way

Missing those joyous opportunities is totally unnecessary and avoidable. It’s never too late to…

At Women on Purpose we have spent the last six years perfecting our proven breakthrough coaching methods. Once a year we share those secrets at The Immersion Experience to empower women to live their best life. We’ve helped hundreds of women get what they want at long last in their relationships, family life, money, career, business, well-being, leadership and much more.

Find out how you CAN have what you want

Be honest with yourself: if you are feeling stuck, under-valued, directionless, or simply ready for the next level, isn’t it time for a shift?

Taking one first step is all you need to do. In just one powerful day you can quickly get deep and valuable insights into:

  • What you really want– so you can finally allow yourself to have a life you fully love
  • What’s stopping you– identify key challenges and get support to overcome them
  • How to move forward– design yourself an exciting new route-map to empowered happiness
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The Immersion Experience

One energising day to move your life forward

Join our varied and enjoyable day-long programme for…

  • A series of interlinked workshops that give you new perspectives on key areas of life that are important to you
  • Personal reflection sessions that spark lasting insights so you are clear what the missing piece is for your life
  • Facilitated small group discussions for new ideas and solutions to help get you clear and focused
  • Presentations by experienced coaches sharing their expert guidance on new ways to approach and manifest your deepest, heartfelt desires
  • Networking – experience the nurturing kinship of women in a safe, supportive environment committed to your success and happiness


We give 100%, you get 100%

Our event surveys show that 100% of women attending The Immersion Experience say it was worth it and they would recommend it to other women. Andrea and Julie are just two of many who took the leap and never looked back:

“To cut a long story short, I gained the courage and vision to leave my job and started my dream business, bought my dream house and I now wake up with a smile every day ”

“After a series of powerful insights I was finally ready to meet the man of my dreams and after many travelling adventures, we are now engaged. I couldn’t be happier”


Immerse yourself in YOU!

Saturday 16th September 2017, 9.30am – 4.30pm – The Pelham Hotel, South Kensington, London

The Immersion Experience is available once a year only. Do you really want to wait another year? Book now to ensure you don’t miss out this year.

“An event which cuts to the chase. A place for an impetus of change”
Andrea Sealey


“A nurturing, inspiring women’s workshop to awaken the mojo”
Marinella Sett


“An energising rebirth where you are bathed in positive energies”
D Campbell


Are you ready to have the life you want?

Don’t let the old you get in the way, Be bold for an abundant life… Ready to be BOLD?

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Before you book, consider booking for our Sunday event too on 17th September…

SUNDAY 17th September, 10.30am – 5.30pm – Discovery Day

For those who like to go VIP all the way: an intensive taster for our longer 9-month programme, Your Life on Purpose. Spend the day in a small intimate group with Women on Purpose Directors, Programme Leaders and other women like you who want to get straight to work on a new future. A powerful day in its own right you’ll also get to see if our acclaimed 9-month programme of luxury retreats and coaching is the right match for you.

“You have broken through so much conditioning: it’s amazing!”
Discover Day attendee

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Women on Purpose Programmes are creative and experiential in nature. It is quite usual for unexpected matters to arise which sometimes cause quite deep emotional reaction. For this reason women embarking on our Programmes should relate to themselves as emotionally resilient and well. Any question about whether a Programme is suitable at a given time will be discussed and resolved in an individual, one to one, confidential conversation.

Women on Purpose, is a partnership between Catherine Rushforth, Mel Larsen and Ishreen Bradley.  As well as collaborating in Women on Purpose, they are all experienced Coaches running their own successful individual businesses. Between them they have over 75 years of coaching and business experience to draw on and share with you.  Plus their own stories and life experiences to enhance their message. Read more about Women on Purpose…