When was the last time you felt real joy about your life?

The 3 of us at Women on Purpose have spent the last 3 years looking at what it takes for a woman to create the life she truly wants. It’s been an intriguing and satisfying journey so far.

Re-Discover your Joy

We have observed our own growth and that of the women we coach. We’ve noticed it takes regular focus on 5 key things:

5. Inspired Action

4.  Courage

3. Confidence

2. Vision

1. Un-Blocking

It also takes the realisation that you actually WANT some things to change. It’s sooooo easy to get stuck in a rut and not even realise you are in a deep ditch! That realisation may not come until you make time to stop and reflect. Otherwise disempowering habits (such as busyness, recklessness with money, suppressed anger, shrinking and hiding etc.) continue as usual and you just get used to it. The more you get used to it the more your true inner JOY fades into the background.  

As women, we even convince ourselves that we are happy with the way that things are…said another way ‘we pretend’ (sometimes quite convincingly), but deep down we know that we are not satisfied, fulfilled and joyous.

So, what do you want to Drop, Keep or Build?

You may remember just before Christmas we mailed you asking you to look at what you want to Drop, Keep or Build in 2014?

Did you make time to look at those questions? It really is worth doing and would take you a few minutes now over a cup of tea.

Which of these areas  – Drop, Keep or Build – do you know you could work on?  And what will it take for you to focus on those 5 Steps to Joy?

Whatever stage you are at, we can support you to the next stage and help you find YOUR answers. We’ll send you info about those opportunities another time.

In the meantime – tell us what you want to Drop, Keep or Build this year – we’d be curious to know.

best wishes
Mel, Ishreen, Catherine

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